SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool v4.13.0 Beta [Pro] APK [Latest]

SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

This is a powerful tool! Use at own risk!
Nobody is perfect and Android neither.

Apps you have already deleted, sometimes leave data behind.
The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don’t really need.
Your SD-card is collecting files and directories you don’t recognize.
Lets not go on here…
Why not get a maid to clean it all up?
SD Maid will help you keep your device neat, clean and tidy :-)!
Give it a try, you won’t find a more thorough cleaning tool!
Choose a tab, press start and then either click a single item to delete or press the clean all button. It’s just that easy.

There are various features available:

* Explorer is a full fledged filemanager, use it to crawl through your Androids files.
* You can use the Searcher if you know what file you are looking for.
* The CorpseFinder searches your device for orphaned items and compares those to the list of installed applications.
* AppControl lets you freeze, reset and remove applications (even system apps).
* The SystemCleaner scans your device and filters directories which contain unnecessary files. You an even create your own filters!
* You can optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free space.
* View your biggest files and find out what is hogging all the space.
* Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes.
And more…
A few additional features as well as comfort and convenience functions can be unlocked by buying and installing the unlocker (SD Maid Pro).
SD Maid is constantly being developed and designed very carefully.
Due to the vast amount of Android devices SD Maid might not work perfectly on your device, in that case I would appreciate it if you give me a chance to fix it by contacting me.
If you have questions or concerns send me a mail ([email protected]). I usually respond quite quickly and will happily help you out.
Obtaining SD Maid from unofficial sources puts your device at risk.
A big thanks goes out to all the beta testers @ who helped me improve SD Maid v3.
I would also like to thank all the volunteers @ that made SD Maid accessible to non english speaking users by translating it.
An unfinished help document is avaiable here:


SD Maid v4.13.0 19.12.2018
Improved: Clutter database (ty!).
Improved: Translations (ty!).
Improved: Improved debug logging.
Added: Code for future support of purchases outside of Google Play and without unlocker app.
Improved: Clutter data generation from SD Maids database. Better handling of apps with multiple definitions.
Fixed: Possible crash due to theming when opening SD Maid.
Improved: Few internal changes to object instantiation to improve overall architecture and lower memory consumption.
Fixed: Possible crash that could occur when viewing tool details while deleting files.
Improved: UX flow when clicking “Upgrade”, added information about how to restore a purchase as this seems to be most common topic in emails I get.
Improved: Automatic app detection for apps using their packagename for multiple directory names (e.g. com/app/pkg).
Improved: Public storage on Android is case-insensitive. Clutter matching on public storage now fully understands that leading to more accurate detection with less overhead for multiple definitions.
Improved: Overall improvements to filtering of paths with non-english locales/characters.
Added: Version display to binaries.
Improved: SD Maid Pro display to account for alternate methods of unlocking.
Fixed: Symlinks will no longer be followed when calculating app estates. This fixes size estimation for apps like Termux that symlink to public storage (#2166).
Fixed: The receiver manager should no longer cut off the names (#2197).
Fixed: Uninstall watcher not deactivating when using “Reset to defaults” (#2196).
Improved: The search algorithm can now search deeper. It will now find expendable files in directories that are nested several folders deep. Previously, to keep scan performance acceptable, SD Maid only compared against the top-level folders and if no top-level folder matched our filters we would skip them. I’ve now reversed this slightly such that we try to search ALL KNOWN clutter paths of apps that are installed and that share their path with a top-level folder. Combined with a few other improvements scan speed should stay about the same, but be much more thorough. This overall change was inspired users who mailed me and with which I worked toegether to improve detection for many Tencent apps (which are quite dirty ಠ_ಠ).
Improved: Filter for ads and hidden caches (e.g. WeChat).
Improved: Filter for bugreporting related files (e.g. Tencent related apps).
Improved: Matching in cases where two apps share the same path but only one app creates expendable files in a subdirectory of that path. Previously files could be missed depending on which app was matched first to a folder.
Improved: Matching performance by switching from contains to startsWith for pre-filtering results. Most comparison are done using regular expressions, but because those are costly, SD Maid does a quick check before that. Previously this was mostly done using contains but for comparisons of small strings this could lead to too many false-positive matches and thus trying the expensive regular expression. I’ve switched a lot of definitions to startsWith which is more restrictive in that regard.
Fixed: Scheduler not restoring after updates on Android Oreo+.


  • SD Maid - Systemreiniger Screenshot
  • SD Maid - Systemreiniger Screenshot


SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool v4.13.0 Beta [Pro] APK / Mirror (5.7 MB)

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool v4.12.3 Final [Pro] APK / Mirror (6.6 MB)

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